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Help me bring the people of the Eastern Roman Empire to life – through the wonderful media of film and fiction!
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A bit about me
My interest in the secular history of the Eastern Roman Empire began in a very personal way, when I baptised my daughter with the name Erasmia, and discovered that this name (which was also my grandmother's) belonged to one of 40 Christian martyrs killed by the Roman emperor Licinius in the fourth century. Licinius died at the hands of Constantine the Great, the establisher of Christianity as a state religion.
I have often wondered:
  • How could the Christian message of love and of forgiveness be so entangled with politics and intrigue? How could it give rise to so much misery and suffering?
  • How much have both those in power and ordinary people changed since Christianity became the state religion, only 1700 years ago?
  • Are Christians guilty of hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with their Jewish and Muslim neighbours?
Then there are the great stories of love, loss, and the yearning for power. That the horrible and amazing stories really happened, in the name of Religion, makes them, I think, even more breathtaking and disturbing.
The background to Christianity, indeed any organised religion or belief system, also fascinates me. Religion, like sexuality, has always been a tool of power and has little to do with spirituality or the pursuit of the Divine. Perhaps the only difference between then and now is that today there is more general awareness of public figures - and one can form an opinion of their choices and actions.
I have spent more than 20 years publishing extensively in scientific research and popular literature and for the last eight years have been writing and doing operational research and portfolio management in government. I am widely read in fiction, especially foreign literature, and the arts, which knowledge I supplement through travel to the places I write about. I therefore consider myself a writer and communicator in the broadest sense. But perhaps most importantly I am passionate about story telling. Which is the main reason I built this site, wrote this novel, shot the demo films and hope you will join my cause.