Empire Forever - Rediscover the incredible people of 9th Century New Rome
Who, why, where and how
Rediscover with me how our spiritual and cultural ancestors lived more than a thousand years ago in the Eastern Roman Empire - known to many as Byzantium - an almost forgotten empire that reaffirmed the power of the feminine, preserved the splendor of antiquity, and endured for nearly 12 centuries in the face of relentless onslaughts by both the West and the East.
This is not only great history, but full of tales of great achievement, set in a period of turbulent geopolitics and religious upheaval.
So what's all the fuss about? Why is the 9th Century particularly interesting?
In the space of just under a century:
  • Three amazing women ruled from the Imperial Throne
  • Iconoclasm, a internal religious controversy, not unlike the Inquisition in its ferocity, was resolved
  • The Slavs were Christianized and introduced to the idea of literacy
  • Political and economic stability returned - the sparking of a second golden age for a New Roman Empire that was already five hundred years old
  • Intellectual life flourished, especially as the exchange of knowledge with the Middle East reached new levels
  • The foundations of the Church began to crack as differences between Rome and New Rome began to surface
Here is a very brief historical background. Alternately, you may wish to go directly to the following categories to find out more about the people and circumstances of the period relevant to the novel.