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I want to make a feature film or tv series out of the story of QoL, but I need your help to bring this great story to life. With little more than a click you could propel my YouTube channel and my cause to viraldom. Or you could just drop me a line on my Personal Cause page.
New Kindle hypertext version of Queen of Lies the novel   launched!
Now sit back and enjoy Discover Byzantium on YouTube, a collection of dramatizations, computer animations, documentaries and art collections.
Start by watching all 2 minutes of the first two videos. For a 50 Shades of Purple experience, check out my short reading of Procopius, the 6th century historian
Procopius' lascivious take on an earlier Empress Theodora is a fine example of the dark humor of the Empire at any point, even though it was written 300 hundred years before the period in which QoL is set.  You can find the text here.
Join the cause  - please leave some contact info on the Personal Cause page for me to put into a petition to film and television producers.
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