Empire Forever - Rediscover the incredible people of 9th Century New Rome
The Novel

J. Smith: 5 stars "... I began to wonder if it were totally fiction, instead of merely an historical novel and was surprised to see that the main story ... actually happened. This telling is marvellous. Buy it! Read it!"
Ilyas: 4 stars "... I am not an avid reader of historical novels and knew very little about the Byzantine era, so started reading with limited expectations. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the exciting and riveting read ... It also informed me about the forgotten Byzantine era ... which ... seems to be like I Claudius and the Borgias wrapped in one!! Be prepared for the copious and varied sex scenes in this novel - not for the faint hearted!!"
J. Hallam: 4 stars "Excellent ... The best way to truly understand this book's many layers of intrigue and complexity is to read through it slowly ...  the plotting is extremely tight, the characters highly believable, and the dramatisation of key events was enough to keep me reading for several multi-hour sessions..."

The Story
9th Century Constantinople. New Rome. An unholy trinity.
A new age of prosperity dawns amid war, invasion and religious upheaval.
Viking-Greek Empress Eudokia Ingerina tells her sons the real story behind the myth of their fathers. It is a tale of humiliation, cunning, intrigue ... and love!
Vassilis, a village lad, loses his family to marauders in the forests of eastern Macedonia. He must learn quickly to survive, both in the wilds and at the Bulgar court. Eventually he finds his way to Constantinople, where he gains the favor of the young Emperor Michael, and Ingerina, Michael's mistress.
Michael resents his mother, the Regent Theodora, and his guardian, the Eunuch Theoktistos, who forced him to marry against his will. His uncle, the brilliant but degenerate Vardas, returns from exile and encourages Michael's more capricious side, only to fall foul of both Patriarch and Pope.
As the Roman court lurches from crisis to crisis, Michael, Vassilis and Ingerina find common purpose, friendship and affection in one another. But now Ingerina must convince both her lovers that her sons have a right to the imperial throne, though the price may be greater than anyone ever imagined!
Here is a brief overview of the sources, problems and my approach to writing this work of historical fiction.

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